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Are you facing a striped skunk infestation at your home or office in Brampton? Well, you’re not alone, especially if you thought the city of Brampton Animal Control Service would remove nuisance skunks when they’ve taken up residence under your front porch.

Striped skunks are some of the most common wildlife nuisances that residents in Brampton and the Greater Toronto Area face. Whether they’re sniffing around a garbage bin at night or digging holes underneath the front porch, we come in to help. With a team of highly skilled professionals, our Skunk Removal experts provide some of the best and most reliable skunk control services in the area.

Our skunk eviction method using wire mesh and a one-way door is a humane method to remove skunks from a property.

We don’t just set cage traps and hope for the best, like many pest control companies in Brampton. Instead, we use an eviction method for the humane removal of skunks.

This process involves us installing a one-way door at the entry point of the skunk’s den. The door allows the skunk to exit but prevents it from re-entering.

Once the skunk leaves the nest in search of food or water, it cannot return to the den. After installing the one-way door, it’s important for custumers to monitor for signs of babies, as they will be unable to survive without their mother and immediate assistance for our wildlife technician will be required.

Before the skunk has been evicted, the den needs be sealed off permanently to prevent future infestations. This method is effective and minimizes harm to the skunks.

Skunk pest control with prevention involves several steps to make your property less attractive to skunks. Start by eliminating potential food sources, such as pet food, birdfeeders, and accessible garbage. Secure trash cans with tight-fitting lids and avoid leaving food outside overnight.

Untreated rat infestations underneath your shed can also attract skunks since they eat pests.

To prevent skunks from nesting, use sturdy materials like mesh or wood to close off entry points to buildings, such as gaps under decks, porches, and sheds. Check for and seal any holes or openings around your home.

Keep your yard clean and debris-free, such as brush piles, woodpiles and dense vegetation, which can provide hiding spots. Install motion-activated lights or sprinklers to deter skunks from entering your property. By following these measures, you can reduce the likelihood of skunks and other nuisance animals taking up residence on your property.

Dealing with a skunk’s spray can be a challenging wildlife issue, but there are effective ways to manage it.

If you or your pet get sprayed, avoid going indoors to prevent skunk odor from spreading.

To neutralize the skunk smell, mix a solution of 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda, and 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap.

Use this mixture to wash the affected area thoroughly, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Rinse well with water and repeat if necessary. For clothes or fabrics that came in contact with skunk spray, soak them in a solution of equal parts vinegar and water, then wash with regular detergent. Ventilate your home by opening windows and using fans. Place bowls of white vinegar around the house to help absorb the odor.


Professional Skunk Solutions

When it comes to nuisance wildlife problems in Brampton, Ontario, skunks are high on the list because of their immediate effects on your well-being if they spray if threatened or when defending their territory. If the skunk happens to be underneath your front porch, back deck, or spray house directly, it can ruin your whole week because of the relentless potency of their famous defence mechanism.

The kind of property skunks like will have shelter and be near food. An average backyard in Brampton is fenced in and has a shed or deck, making ideal nesting areas for baby season. If there’s a vegetable garden nearby or tasty lawn grubs for them to dig up to eat, it’s not likely they will move on willingly.

We have professional solutions for getting rid of skunks on your property that will reduce the risk of getting sprayed

Skunk Prevention That Lasts!

Making your property unattractive to skunks is the best way to stop them from passing through and staying put to nest and have babies.

Our skunk removal methods using wire mesh will quickly end your skunk problems without harming the animals.

We’re Wildlife Removal Brampton Experts That Specialize in Striped Skunk Control

You’ll Love Our Wildlife Control Company For All Your Skunk Removal And Pest Control Services in Brampton

Whether it’s skunk, opossum or raccoon removal services we need for animals underneath the shed or deck, our humane one way door system works for them all.

  • Highly Experienced Team—Our wildlife control Brampton team is experienced in dealing with skunk infestations. It can also provide raccoon and squirrel removal services when they are underneath an ant structure on your property. We know the ins and outs of skunk behaviour, which helps us implement effective control strategies for any skunk problem, no matter how severe.

  • Humane Skunk Control—At Skunk Removal Brampton, customer satisfaction is a top priority. For this reason, our team of pest control professionals provides humane skunk control services. Skunks are evicted or trapped and removed by our skunk removal exppert with minimal stress, and they are free to move on from your property or be released back into their natural habitat safely and healthily.

  • Competitive Pricing—Our skunk removal services is budget-friendly for Brampton residents, making our animal removal services accessible to everyone. Customers can request a free quote online or via phone to better understand the pricing and the services they need.

  • Customer Support—Our skunk control Brampton technicians provide unrivalled customer support. Customers can easily contact the member of our wildlife removal service team who did the work, and they’ll return to the property for any skunk-related problems. Our team is always ready to answer any questions or concerns that customers may have from start to finish.

  • Reliable Skunk Removal Service—With Skunk Removal Brampton, you can rest assured that your skunk infestation problem will be resolved efficiently and promptly. Our team quickly responds and will be at your location quickly to remove skunks from your property. Our team aims to exceed expectations and ensure that customers are satisfied with our skunk removal process and the lasting results of our work.

So, if you’re facing a skunk infestation problem in Brampton, our Skunk Removal Company is the ultimate solution for you. Our highly experienced team, humane skunk control methods, affordable pricing, and reliable service make us the go-to choice for all your skunk control needs. Contact Skunk Removal Brampton today to get started and have your home or office skunk-free as soon as possible.

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