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  • Understanding Skunk Spray: How To Get Rid Of Skunk Smell And More

    Introduction to Skunks What Are Skunks? There are 11 different skunk species in the world today. Of all the different species, we in Ontario cohabitate with the striped skunk, scientifically known as Mephitidae. Skunks are mammals, and although they are related to the weasel family, their closest old world relative…

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  • Do Skunks Hibernate in the Winter?

    Unraveling the Mysteries of Skunk Torpor When winter rolls around, and the snow starts to blanket the ground, many of us can’t help but wonder about the critters we don’t see scampering around as much. One such creature that often piques curiosity is the skunk. You know, those black and…

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  • Skunk Habits: An In-Depth Look at Striped Skunks

    The skunk might be one of the most recognized animals in the animal kingdom because of its pungent odour and white stripes, but did you know there are different species? Four species of skunks live in North America and South America combined. The Eastern spotted skunk, the striped skunk, the…

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  • Best Skunk Control Tips For Brampton Homeowners

    Best Skunk Control Tips For Brampton Homeowners

    Skunk Removal in Brampton Starts With Identification Skunk tracks in the mud, holes dug in the lawn, and lingering skunk odors are just a few obvious signs that a skunk has made its way onto your property, and a perfect time the act if you don’t want the skunk to…

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  • The Problem of Dead Skunks Under Your Porch or Deck

    The Problem of Dead Skunks Under Your Porch or Deck

    The moral of the story, so to speak, is to never assume the skunk has vacated its nesting area and proceed to fill up the burrow hole yourself. If you’re lucky, the skunk will burrow its way out. If you fill the hole well, the skunk will be trapped and…

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  • Get To Know Skunk Removal Brampton

    Get To Know Skunk Removal Brampton

    5 Reasons To Choose Us For Skunk Removal Skunk Removal in Brampton Skunks are common in Brampton, and while they might look cute from a distance, they can cause quite a headache if they decide to make your property their stomping ground. Why Skunk Removal is Necessary Nobody wants to…

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